Thursday, March 9, 2017

Independent, Dependent, and Controlled Variables


                                                               My variables
   My controlled variables are my robot, my program/code, the I-pad I took the time of the robot. A controlled variable is all the factors that stay the same in an experiment.  My independent variables are the surface of the robot. An independent variable is what we changed in the experiment. My dependent  variable is the speed of the robot. A dependent variable depends on the independent variable and may change in an experiment.   Those are my variables 
                                                                       By:Eve Unruh

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sensabot Challenge

                                                               lego mindstorm robot

                                                                     Sensabot Challenge code

This was very confusing at first but once you problem solve you get the hang of it. it becomes super fun. Then when you finish the challenge, you are like darn! I wish I could do that again because it was so fun! first,you get the steering motor.  then,you program the arrow button to 0.and wheel rotations 4. then you drag up the medium motor and put the wheel rotations for 0.25 then you repeat the process.

                                              By: Eve Unruh